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Slingtek W.L.L

Slingtek W.L.L forms a part of a family owned business group having diversified interests in the field of investments, Trading, Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing over the past three decades in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

At Slingtek WLL, we are proud to introduce ourselves as the first manufacturing company of its kind involved in the production of Lifting Accessories, Fall Protection Systems and Industrial Inspection & Testing Services.

Today Slingtek manufactures products that cater to various industries such as oil & gas, shipping, marine, dredging, construction etc... Strategically located in the Kingdom of Bahrain, we are able to supply our,

  • Synthetic Flat Web Slings - Factor 7:1
  • Chain Sling Systems - Grade 80
  • Wire Rope Slings - General Purpose
  • Ratchet tie Downs(Dargo Lashings)
  • Fall Protection Systems & Accessories
  • Industrial Inspections Services
  • General Lifting Equipment & Accessories

Within months of our operations we have achieved an ISO 9001 certification; and can design and manufacture products as per client's requirements and specifications. We follow strict international standards of manufacturing as per European Norms(EN).

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